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Gehraiyaan Movie directed by Shakun Batra starring Deepika Padukon, Ananya Pandey, Sidhant Chaturvedi  Dhairya Karwa with Naseeruddin Shah and Rajat Kapoor in supporting roles released on 11th Feb 2021 on Amazon Prime Video. One can also watch and download Gehraiyaan Movie for free with Telegram Channel Link in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

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Story play of Gehraiyaan

Alisha Khanna, 30, aggressive, presently ends up at a junction throughout everyday life. Her 6 extended relationship has developed tedious, her vocation is by all accounts hitting a ton of road obstructions and exactly when she had started to acknowledge the present situation as unchangeable, her life is usurped by the appearance of her cousin, Tia and her life partner, Zain, with whom she bonds over a grieved past and a typical wish to part from its limits. The story diagrams the excursion of Alisha and Zain, as they go up against the apparitions of their past on the way they take to stay away from it.

Alisha, a yoga teacher, is chipping away at an application and is struggling tracking down financial backers while additionally managing her jobless essayist beau, Karan with whom she feels choked. She additionally experiences nervousness because of the passing of her mom who ended it all when Alisha was youthful. Whenever Alisha was youthful she was near her cousin Tia and remained nearby her in Mumbai however later Alisha’s father moves their family to Nashik. Alisha accepts that their shift to Nashik affected her mom as she felt choked out there and serious self destruction. A presently grown up Alisha, has a messed up relationship with her dad as she faults him for her mom’s passing.

Alisha’s cousin, Tia, who is additionally near Karan, welcomes the two to their Alibaug ocean side house. Alisha and Karan meet Zain, Tia’s life partner. Zain at first filled in as a partner to Tia’s dad yet presently has his own firm and is chipping away at a major venture. Zain and Alisha rapidly bond due to their awful past and he starts to play with her. They keep on playing with one another even after the excursion and Alisha kisses Zain during a gathering. Anyway during that very evening, Tia who is going to LA for quite a long time comes to meet Karan and Alisha alongside Zain. Alisha gains from Tia that she has perused Karan’s draft of his novel while Karan didn’t allow Alisha to understand it. Alisha and Karan contend and he passes on to drop Tia to the air terminal while Zain returns to Alisha’s loft where they attach and start an issue. While on Zain’s yacht, Zain and Alisha help an old couple caught in ocean and present themselves, the elderly person lets them know that she has a little girl named Alisha as well. Zain’s organization additionally puts resources into Alisha’s application and they start to foster affections for one another.

Be that as it may, during Alisha’s impromptu get-together facilitated by Karan, he proposes to her and she acknowledges. Alisha closes things with Zain, returns his venture and spotlights on her new existence with Karan. Later she discovers Karan deceived her with regards to his book which got dismissed by a distributer. Irate and harmed, Alisha closes their commitment. Zain contacts Alisha and tells her he needs to be with her and will end things with Tia soon. Alisha concurs and they proceed with their undertaking. Zain’s organization puts resources into Alisha’s application and give her another yoga studio. Zain chooses to return Tia’s speculation. Be that as it may, one of Zain’s financial backers is gotten by the police for a situation of illegal tax avoidance and Zain’s firm goes under examination. Zain’s supervisor, Jitesh, encourages him to accept cash from Tia as they have no choice left. Tia consents to contract the Alibaug Beach House.

Alisha then again discovers she is pregnant. Zain persuades her to cut off. Alisha begins feeling far off to Zain while Tia starts presuming that he may be engaging in extramarital relations. Alisha’s yoga studio is shut by officials and she bursts into Zain’s office to converse with him where Jitesh finds that Zain and Alisha are having an unsanctioned romance. To persuade Tia to contract the Beach House, Zain takes her to Alibaug where Tia blames him for having an unsanctioned romance however Zain can persuade her and she consents to sign the papers. Alisha meets Karan inadvertently who uncovers to her that Tia is helping Zain as his organization is managing monetary issues and the two of them are in Alibaug. An irate Alisha, appears at Zain’s home and blames him for utilizing her and gives him a final proposal to uncover reality to Tia by this evening or she will.

Zain meets with Jitesh who persuades him to kill Alisha to save the organization. Zain calls Alisha to his yacht and misleads her that he finished things with Tia. Alisha incidentally sees the messages on Zain’s PC and sees him blending tablets in her beverage. Stunned, Alisha tells Zain she needs to return. Zain endeavors to drive Alisha into the ocean however unintentionally trips and suffocates. A scared Alisha can drive the yacht to shore and surges back home. The following day, Zain’s body is found and Alisha alongside Karan stays with Tia. Jitesh who had some awareness of Zain’a plan undermines Alisha to get him the Alibaug papers or he would come clean with everybody. Alisha does as such and Jitesh can conceal Zain’s demise as self destruction and confesses to Alisha to take this mystery with her to the grave.

Alisha’s dad who had stayed with Alisha had seen Zain leave Alisha’s condo the day he passed on and questions Alisha about it yet she disregards it. Tia later uncovers to Alisha that the Alibaug Beach House was in Alisha’s name as Alisha is the ill-conceived little girl of Tia’s dad. Tia uncovers that Alisha’s mom and Tia’s dad had an unsanctioned romance and everybody had some awareness of it aside from Alisha. Alisha is harmed subsequent to knowing this and apologizes to her dad for continuously faulting him for her mom’s passing. She additionally uncovers to him reality with regards to Zain and cries about turning out to be very much like her mom. Her dad guarantees her that she can begin again and the two of them consent to patch their relationship.

after 2 years, Alisha has a vastly improved relationship with her dad and advises him to move to Mumbai with her. Alisha goes to Karan’s commitment party where she meets Tia. Alisha apologizes to Tia for not staying in contact. Tia contemplates whether uncovering reality to Alisha was correct however Alisha consoles her that she couldn’t have ever a decent connection with her dad notwithstanding Tia uncovering reality. It likewise turns out to be certain that Alisha hasn’t uncovered Zain’s reality to Tia. Tia and Alisha consent to begin again and repair their relationship. In any case, Karan acquaints them with his life partner’s grandma who perceives Alisha immediately (she is a similar lady whom Zain and Alisha made a difference). The film has an open completion concerning whether or not the elderly person would uncover Alisha and Zain’s undertaking.

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Gehraiyaan Movie Reviews, Cast, Discussion…

A cutting edge sentiment between consenting grown-ups experiencing some miscommunication? A Bollywood film with the fortitude to embrace no nonsense rawness? At last, a film that treats mature watchers in a serious way. Would anything be able to be better? Gehraiyaan raises our assumptions yet stops well shy of conveying.
A bent story of affection, lies, trust, selling out, complex connections and continuing on with the dull real factors of your past, Gehraiyaan is a cozy film. While this isn’t whenever Bollywood first has shown treachery on screen, the account has clearly developed, the characters are permitted more profundity, and it’s presently not just with regards to straightforward fascination. Fans are searching for Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

From Kabhie Alvida Na Kehna in 2006, where numerous crowds couldn’t understand the idea of tracking down affection after marriage, to right now in 2022, when a film like Gehraiyaan dives profound into motivations behind why connections arrive at stops, it’s been an incredible moderate excursion. Also indeed, appealing, as well. People are searching for Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p and 1080p.

Featuring Deepika Padukone, Ananya Panday, Siddhant Chaturvedi and Dhairya Karwa in lead jobs, Shakun Batra’s Gehraiyaan is a cutting edge romantic tale where it’s normal to drop out of affection and find it again somewhere else. Alisha (Deepika) and Karan (Dhairya) have been together for six years at this point and they plan a get together with her cousin Tia (Ananya) and her life partner Zain from LA. They all need Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p. A couple of words and sweet looks later Alisha and Zain are immediately drawn towards one another.

In her own reality, Tia is careless in regards to what’s going on despite her good faith, as is Karan, who is attempting to get his book distributed and furthermore run a family with Alisha. In the midst of this, lies get uncovered while some stay stowed away.
While the trailer offered a considerable amount about the film’s plot, I am happy it kept an equivalent measure of interest, tension and turns to uncover as the story unfurls. Fans are looking to get Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

Shakun’s story, that he has co-composed with Sumit Roy, Ayesha Devitre and Yash Sahai, has its heart at the ideal locations yet it wavers at many spots. You are regularly left asking, ‘why’, ‘how’ and ‘is that it?’ Some inquiries are left unanswered, a few issues are expected to have been arranged. Characters in this film with such ease continue on in their lives while never needing to realize what truly planned. Notwithstanding these defects, Gehraiyaan unwinds the complexities of connections and the degree one can go to save or obliterate them. People are looking for Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
There was a lot of hubbub about Gehraiyaan having delegated a closeness chief for scenes among Siddhant and Deepika’s characters. Did we truly require that in any case? All things considered, you watch the film to discover. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel any sparkles among Deepika and Siddhant in those specific scenes despite the fact that Deepika was spectacular and quite agreeable all through. They all are looking for Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
Deepika, it appears, has a skill for picking muddled characters and depicting them with such a lot of conviction. Her very nuanced execution in Gehraiyaan reminded me Veronica in Cocktail and Tara in Tamasha. As Alisha, she is solid headed, aggressive, yet goes through her snapshots of shortcoming and weakness.

Ananya, on the other, essentially plays herself in a significant piece of the film. In the final part, nonetheless, Shakun Batra gives her abundant scenes to show her acting chops. Dhairya’s personality, I felt, was insane and required a great deal more. However he dominated at anything he did on screen yet there was such a lot of his story might have added to the film, yet that was totally absent. People nowadays only search for Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.

What’s more finally, Siddhant’s Gully Boy set assumption excessively high and Gehraiyaan doesn’t actually rescue the best once again from him. His exchange conveyance as a heartfelt legend needs cleaning. The manner in which he acts out during extraordinary scenes needs greater contribution, and bits where he shows outrage don’t actually hit you hard. It was somewhat of a mistake to see his personality not standing apart regardless of such a lot of that he needed to do.
The speed of the film some way or another helps its out as it doesn’t wait or attempts to lose track. You get suffocated in the story while the characters attempt to unravel issues in their lives. That being said, I continued to hang tight for that one major wow second that would leave me hypnotized, however something just felt fragmented towards the end. And negative, I am not saying all accounts need a cheerful completion yet once in a while, you need to know more than whatever you as of now do.

Regardless, Gehraiyaan moves past the length of ‘neck areas and hemlines’ of the outfits the entertainers have worn in the film and it’s the profundity of the account, story and the feelings that you associate with. Watch it for Deepika on the grounds that she genuinely has done something extraordinary for herself, by and by.

Disloyalty is a subject that has been investigated in Indian film from days of yore. Perhaps the earliest chief to discuss this was Satyajit Ray in Charulata. Raj Kapoor’s Sangam was another, and not at all like Ray, other directors adopted a helpful strategy to figure out the three-sided wreck in marriage. In Sangam, Gopal played by Rajendra Kumar ends it all preparing for Sundar (Kapoor) and Radha (Vyjayanthimala) to remain together.
The most recent Amazon Prime Video offering Gehraiyaan (Depths), by Shakun Batra, takes the beaten track that so many others have navigated, however the place of contrast here is the couples – and there are two – have a live-in relationship.

Deepika Padukone’s Alisha has been with Karan (Dhairya Karwa) for a long time. A striving writer, he has not yet had the option to secure a distributer, and she runs a yoga community and takes care of the bills. Her cousin, Tia (Ananya Panday), has quite recently gotten drawn in to Zain (Siddhant Chaturvedi). He maintains a development business with the assistance of Tia’s family, and the couple live in style. He wears planner garments, stays in a rich house and even possesses a stylish personal ship. They almost got Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
Alisha sees him with envy; he is all that Karan isn’t. While the author is unobtrusive and has no hint of pomposity, Zain is haughty and a hotshot – with a wandering eye that spots Alisha during an excursion by the foursome to Alibaug on the yacht.

The plot veers off to the frequently beaten track. Alisha, whose mother committed suicide, accompanies this terrible stuff, and she faults her dad (Naseeruddin Shah) for it. The girl and father have a stressed relationship, however we would realize later the way in which mixed up she had been.

Tia is exceptionally near Alisha, and they grew up together – their ties based on simple fellowship and, all the more critically, trust. Which Alisha breaks by flipping for playboy Zain, and this issue slips into a startling area. There is more desire than affection, I would assume, and there is responsibility. Alisha is anguished at having deceived Tia, who appears to be a bonehead, doesn’t speculate Zain when he gets brings in the evening. It was my worker for hire, he tells his fiancee, who gullibly trusts him. Fans almost got Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
As one essayist once joked, love, similar to hack, can’t be covered up, positively not desire. Whenever the tempest breaks, Alisha gives Zain a final proposal and takes steps to come clean with Tia. He isn’t ready for this, to a great extent since he really wants Tia’s cash to haul him out of the monetary wreck his organization had found itself mixed up with.

Batra, who has co-composed the content, has very little new to offer, and the film, which runs for 130 minutes – when it could have ended up in 90 – regularly appears to be monotonous. There is a great deal of style, indeed, however no substance. We see lovely ladies dressed provocatively, and Alisha’s yoga showing has all the earmarks of being about stimulation.

The much-promoted private scenes, which were done under the careful attention of a closeness chief (presumably the first in Indian film), are lifeless, and we can perceive how awkward Padukone is while she is sleeping with Chaturvedi. There is timidity, there is squeamish distress. Indeed, even the kisses need energy. Indian entertainers, I assume, are as yet not up to releasing themselves in such circumstances. Call it social molding or feeling of dread toward familial or local area pressure. People finally got Gehraiyaan Movie Telegram Channel Link to download for free in 480p, 720p, and 1080p.
While Padukone’s exhibition is just with regards to approve (she is frail in the passionate scenes), Panday is too cocky to even think about leaving an imprint in any event, when she starts to presume her life partner. The two men are a gigantic dissatisfactions, and they just can’t get into their characters to convey trouble. Karan is stunned when Alisha lets him know that she feels choked in their relationship, yet he sleepwalks through these scenes. It is never clear why Zain needs to sever his commitment. Also when the second comes to confront realities and assume on the liability of getting along with Alisha, he picks an alarming way – which helped me to remember Woody Allen’s 2005 spine chiller, Match Point, in which the man pulls off murder.

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