Jalsa (2022) Movie Release Date USA, Canada, UK, Australia

Jalsa (2022) Movie Release Date USA
Jalsa (2022) Movie Release Date USA

Jalsa movie is an Indian upcoming movie. A hit and run of an 18-year-old girl becomes the hub of a wheel that sets into motion many a spoke – a journalist, a raging mother, a cop, and a system all caught in an ethical dilemma. Questions are raised only to realize that truth is rarely pure and never simple. This movie is going to release on Amazon Prime on 18 March 2022. You can watch this movie on Amazon prime in Hindi on 18 March 2022. Jalsa (2022) Movie Release Date USA

After watching the trailer we can say that this is a good watchable movie. The trailer of the movie has been already released on the youtube channel. The trailer of the movie crossed over 12 million views on the youtube channel. After seeing the audience’s response we can say that audience likes to watch this movie. This movie will only release in the Hindi language. But the best thing is that it will also release with subtitles too. Read below down all cast and crew members of the movie in detail.

Jalsa (2022) Movie All Cast And Crew Member

Movie Jalsa
Genre Crime
Cast Vidya Balan
Shefali Shah
Kashish Rizwan
Shafeen Patel
Vidhatri Bandi
Director Suresh Triveni
Producer Bhushan Kumar
Krishna Kumar
Vikram Malhotra
Release Date 18 March 2022, Worldwide
Release Language Hindi
Release Platform Amazon Prime Video

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Jalsa tells a tale of conflict through the life of a celebrated journalist and her cook. It is being dubbed as a “genre bending” and “authentic” film that is “beyond the conventional norms of cinema.” Jalsa trailer seems to bring out the best in actor Shefali Shah who plays the mother of an accident victim. Vidya Balan plays a journalist. Read more updates about upcoming movies and web series on http://www.facefof.com

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